Rural House in Satrustegi (Navarra)

Rural house set in the heart of Sierra de Satrustegi, Aralar, Urbasa and Andia.

Delicious and quiet town located at the foot of the rocks of the Sierra Satrustegi (Natural Park of Urbasa-Andía) and in front of the Natural Park of the Sierra de Aralar. Its medieval parish, rebuilt in the 16th century, contains a main altarpiece dated in the 17th century. Its 15th century Gothic virgin is preserved in the Diocesan Museum of Pamplona. There are two hermitages, Santa Barbara and the abandoned San Esteban. Among its streets you can admire large houses, two of them decorated with rococo shields.

What to see
There are many sites that our area offers. Here is a list of excursions you can do:

 San Miguel de Aralar

 Sierra de Urbasa

 Sierra de Andía

 Nacederos del Urederra e Iribas

 Granja Escuela Xuberoa

 Peru-Harri. Parque de la Piedra

 Robledal de Orgi


 Puente la Reina

What to do?
Additional information will be supplied on request

C/ San Miguel, 25
31850 - Satrustegi (Navarra)

646926486 - 946.035.237


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